My Story

My Story

Since 1990 I have managed every aspect of the Pushworth business and has produced a comprehensive Training, Business and Wellness program for Artists who wish to build value into their Music Business Brand.  As a result, I have designed two systems. The HOW - a Software program, AQUARIUS™ – an integrated CRM booking system that manages the sales and operations for entertainment industry businesses (managing Pushworth since 1999). The WHY - THE METRICULUS™ my trademarked signature development and training program.

A lifetime spent in the Music Industry has led me through roles such as: Song Writer, Performer, Artist Manager, Show Producer, Entertainment Agent, Business Manager, Systems Software Designer, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, to Event Manager, Publicist and Brand Consultant. I managed the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 2014 and oversaw 5 years of the Festival Marketing Plan for 8 months of every year during this time. Music Means Business is my pathway to work with Artists to help them build value in their Brand. I also mentor and coach a select group of Pushworth and Manick Roster Artists.

I established the podcast The Music Real in March 2020 to track the historic Lockdown, Recovery and Reimagination stories of the village of individuals and organisations across the globe who collectively bring Art and Music to the masses across a variety of mediums.

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I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Mama. Lala. Dreamer. Adventurer. Creative. Philosopher. Poet. My Heart to Yours.