3 March 2020

This is where we are in this moment.
3 March 2020 on Earth.
We are all on this magnificent planet together.
Looking down from the moon onto our planet, how do we look?

If we listen to the media, we look terrified that life as we know it is over.
If we look at local grocery stores with their empty shelves, we look panicked.
If we look at our pharmacies who have run out of hand sanitizer and face masks since Mid-January, we look scared.
If we look at Social Media feeds, bat soup slurping locals, greedy scientists stealing viruses from Boston and selling to Wuhan, evil global elitists releasing viruses to cull aging populations or to cover up 5G injuries or to calm protesting activists, big pharma setting up global market for their latest vaccine – whatever the story – we look pretty f**ked.

Take a breath and get a little perspective, the WHO estimates that worldwide, annual influenza results in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. We are nowhere near those figures.

The hourly newsfotainment updates throwing numbers at the screen focus on just one side of the virus. They list the total numbers infected. I’m keen for the list showing the total numbers of people around the world NOW recovered. How about the list showing the total numbers of people back at work post recovery?

In Australia, there are 33 cases. 21 Recovered. One death. 11 in hospital or at home in stable condition.

11 people have active coronavirus in Australia right now.

In a stable condition.

No one really knows what the true story is.
It is up to us to live the best life we can live in this moment on this beautiful planet.
No matter what the media narrative is.
No matter what our fears say.
No matter what happens around us.

Should our government seek to take more measures to contain, our day to day lives may change for a bit. We may get the chance to catch up on those books we have been meaning to read. We may get the chance to build that new garden bed, try those new recipes, have a crack at those renovations we have wanted to do for ages, write that book we have been threatening to write, record that album, play games with our families, re connect with our loved ones, re watch all our old DVDs, start our own podcast finally, learn that language, make our own Kombucha/Sour Dough/Cider/Cheese, set up that native bee hive, lie down outside on the grass and look up at the clouds and simply be. We may get the chance to reconnect with our local community at the neighbourhood pub more often. Dance, Sing, Laugh and let the music fill your every cell.
I’m not overly concerned about this virus. My focus is on the perceived economic fallout from this media frenzy. Global markets influence business at every level. Finance and business are all about emotional regulation.

So steady as she goes. Keep your head. Find the opportunity. Wash your hands. Remain vigilant about your health. Shop local.
Celebrate life on this magnificent planet that we share together. ?

This is us

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