When You Mean Business

What happens when you finally get to a point in your Music Business when YOU MEAN BUSINESS?

You have a day job. You do cover gigs on the weekend. You have a family. When you can squeeze time, you write and record your own songs in your home studio. You dream of a better life. You run 24/7 trying to book gigs with your Agent, keep your band together, rehearse, learn new songs, manage your accounts, pay your band members, maintain the PA, keep your car in good working order, build your Music Brand Social following, post to your Socials daily oh and little things like sleep, eat healthy, exercise, maintain your relationships and submit your BAS every three months. Phew! I'm sure I missed something.

Something needs to change.

You need more money.

Your Music Brand needs to start returning on your years of investment.

Ok so the principles of Wealth is wellness - its the whole - its the health of your life system.

Ultimately wealth is what you do with the assets, resource and income that you have right now -

in your particular currency and how you trade.

It is not something that magically and mysteriously happens when something happens like winning the lotto,

receiving an inheritance, getting that job, client, account you have been dreaming of. We spend, earn, save,

risk according to the personal story that we identify as most value — avoid most pain, give most pleasure or keep us safest so we survive best.

There is a science to it. The best place to start is to understand where you are right now and conduct an inventory

of every bloody thing that can be counted as a resource and an asset. Not as easy as it sounds and guaranteed

you will miss 99% of your own value if you try to do it without facilitation.

You need a system. You need a structure.

A structure is a way to hold everything in place during a storm to avoid further damage. A structure provides protection and safety.

And at times, if a structure is destroyed. This could be a day job, gigs, a relationship, a band member, a market or a perception.

Whatever it is, this loss will create space in your life and along with it, a new void as driving forces.

When you mean business, and you are keen to take your Music Brand to a higher level, you will seek to understand the science

behind how and why the shit hits the fan. You understand that Destruction of something is actually like taking a quantum leap

from one balanced paradigm into a new perceived unbalanced paradigm.

I've been in this business for most of my life and I've seen more shit than I care to admit. One thing is guaranteed, things will change.

Venues will cancel gigs. Venues will go out of business owing money. Venues will double book artists. Venues will blame Artists for no reason.

Agents won't book your Music Brand. You will get trolled on line. The list goes on.............................

Don't take it on board. Dont take it personally. It's not about you.

When the shit hits the fan, be prepared to do whatever it takes to produce income until you rebuild your financial cushion.

No matter what happens, allow your Music Business structure to ebb and flow until homeostasis returns.

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