Jon Craig – My True Legacy

“I recently spent a full day with Nichola to gain some clarity about the direction of my business and why in fact I was doing what I was doing. I felt I was on the right track but with The Metriculous she was able to place it in the context of an even bigger purpose. She is a master at very cleverly drawing out your true personal values and how they can point you towards your true purpose. Or in my case clarify it beyond doubt! I thought I had a good feeling for the purpose of my business. Though in certain areas something seemed to be holding me back which I couldn’t put a finger on. Through a process of targeted questions and insights Nichola helped make it all the more meaningful and clear by accessing a much deeper personal level. The clarity I have now is so tangible and has spurred a natural drive to move my business forward free of hesitation or doubt . Thank you Nichola for offering this invaluable tool!
Jon Craig - My True Legacy

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