When You Mean Business

When you get to a point where it’s time to make a change YOU MEAN BUSINESS.

Wealth is what you do with the assets and income you have now.

It is not something that magically and mysteriously happens when something happens like winning the lotto, receiving an inheritance, getting that job, client, account you have been dreaming of. We spend, earn, save, risk according to the personal story that we identify as most value — avoid most pain, give most pleasure or keep us safest so we survive best.

A structure is a way to hold everything in place during a storm to avoid further damage.

However if a structure is destroyed it is to create space and a new void as driving forces.

Destruction is taking a quantum leap from one balanced paradigm into a new perceived unbalanced paradigm.

Be prepared to do whatever it takes in business to produce income until you rebuild and create your cushion.

Cut minimize restructure just like your body does when it needs to survive.

Support the homeostatic process before during and after so that no matter what happens your structure ebbs and flows.

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