It’s time for you to tune into the reflection of you- your nature — through the external mirror of nature the world around you according to the perception and the meaning you allocate.

Go outside to a place where you feel connected. To a place where the universe flows through you and you feel like you are a part of everything.

Collect 7 items that you feel drawn to. Don’t question. Note the order in which you collect

Describe in detail each item
Tune into the description and articulate the significance for your story right now. Then note what the message is from each item.

Each item will relate to each area of life.

  • Currency
  • Resource
  • Creation
  • Influence
  • Service
  • Connection
  • Story

Everything is Exchange – Trade – Currency

Aristotle noted how our perceptions of our nature was a reflection of the nature all around us and the structures we put into place and subsequent behaviors that followed were based on this hermetic principle. As without so within. As above so below.

We can google anything these days. Information about all the how tos of business, marketing, finance, relationship, community, education, health and belief structures is freely available for all.

We can craft a vision of what we desire in our lives we can set up the fantasy of this vision and we have access to every single action step that is required to make that fantasy a reality. Yet time and time again the oscillation of the stories that we identify with hook us into behavioral patterns that are strategically buried so deep that we no longer consciously know which story is driving which behavior or perception.

The higher part of us expertly creates external circumstances to give us the opportunity to rewrite these old stories. So like Joseph Campbell’s Heroes journey our stories give us opportunity to face dragons cross thresholds and follow calls to action.

Some stories like health or finance the resource in our lives for without either it is challenging to move out of Mazlows survival part of the pyramid, these stories are powered with urgency and propel us out of the much coveted love tos that new age culture indoctrinates us about into have tos.

Before enlightenment chopping wood carrying water
After enlightenment chopping wood carrying water

Imagine our body without all it’s systems? One big blob of jelly. I imagine that that is us when we face our dragons and our stories. We cant function. We focus on the pain perception of what we think we know of our stories and we forget about the ease. We still have to chop wood so this is the time to put a structure in place.

We can judge anything as good or bad yet they are simply all structures designed to provide certainty significance growth variety comfort safety — everything that is deemed healthy and sensible can be gained by every experience.

Conservation of all traits and dynamics

So we while we face the dragons of old stories and rewrite footprints in the sand we still have to chop wood and carry water.

Know what’s important to you
Link the benefits of the action steps required to get you from fantasy to reality to what’s important to you.

The stories that you market on the surface will not be the driving forces behind the choices you make in the action that you take. They are the camouflage. When we blame others we are the child in our own story. When a story about other people is told again and again this feedback that the story is based on perception of an experience between birth and eight years of age.

We will always have a story told by our child. Conserved. Child like wonder is one story. Innocence in no sense in no judgement.

Shame is feedback for an important story. We measure ourself against someone else’s standards values and ultimately story.

Shame and Blame hold much power. That’s power we can use to fuel our action steps.

So this is our process

What do we perceive that we value now
What is the vision for our life
What is the action that we need to take
What are the oscillating stories that stop our action
What are the advancing stories that fuel our action
Create a structure to chop wood and carry water while we face the dragons of our stories to dissolve shame and blame and transform oscillations into advancement all the while valuing and appreciating that oscillations are important functions of everything in nature.

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