The Metriculus

The Impossible is a Business Opportunity

Business is a live organism. Energy circulates just like in the human body. There are seasons and cycles just like in mother earth. Everything in your business is about energy – where it circulates, where it stagnates, where it gets depleted and where it enriches.

Many times, people in Business feel so challenged and so much pain that the energy is blocked and nothing seems to work the way it used to.

It feels impossible to continue.

I work with individuals and organisations to measure the Impossible and the Energy in all its forms.

There is an Experience that their Customers, Suppliers and Partners are having when they interact with you in your business operations. This Experience is the key to the Energy of your Business. This Experience is key to the rhythm of Engagement, Connection and Sales for your Business. This Experience forms the foundation for the Brand Identity and Value.

When I commence working with your Business, I start with where you are NOW. Together we immerse ourselves in your Vision and Dream. Next, I conduct a comprehensive analysis of your entire Business Operation identifying the value and metrics in each Energy and Experience area – Story, Resource, Connection, Creation, Influence, Currency and Service.


Your Brand Narrative, Market Sector, Act Direction, Values, Vision, Public Responsibility, Community Connection, Environmental Impact, Music Business Vision, Team Communication, Change Management Strategies


Expression Offer – Your Output – Material, Arrangements, Brand Leverage, Performance USP, Delivery POD, Trend Leverage, Market Generation Cycle, Competitor Driver, Social Media Engagement


Your Team – Agent, Manager, Label. Publicist, Musicians, Supports, Headliners, Artist Mentors, Band Agreements, Crew, Production Manager, Producer, Co-Writer, Social Media Manager – KPIs, Agreements, Development, Training, Contribution, Recognition, Satisfaction


Asset Management , Production Tuning, Brand Presentation, Wellness On/Off Stage, Equipment, Logistical Integrity, Show Energy Exchange, Music Business Team Leverage, Your Product – Show/Release - Show Production (Riders), Business (Historic Reference Data), Show Delivery, Market Statistics (Chart, Box Office, Release)


Your Market, Network, Community, Live Show Delivery, Communication Standard, Audience Engagement, Brand Leveragability, Expectations, PR, Trust, Satisfaction, Results, Comparison


Finance Management, Exchange, Trade, Benchmarks, Negotiation, Market Value, Market Offer, Value Drivers


Production, Delivery, Quality Control, Compliances, Shows, Releases, Tours, Products, Quality Improvement Process, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Targets, Music Business Team Strategies, KPIs, Surveys, Benchmarks Benchmarking Data, Goal Measurement Integrity of Data Improvement Practice and Feedback

Measuring Your Natural System

I look at what is working and what is not and take a journey with you into your story, dreams and plans.  We start by looking at each interface Customer, Supplier, Partner connection point with the overarching organisation system that collects, measures and utilises the data.

Via a series of processes, together we identify your unique rhythm and pattern – your underlying natural system.

Next step is a review of the Data – that which is collected and measured by you and by me. These metrics form the basis for the Operational Systems and Strategies that work with your unique vision to ensure that all income opportunities are maximized and all costs (time, resource, energy and finances) are minimized.

The Metriculus raises the standard of a Business to incorporate a Best Practice designed to work specifically with your unique needs, challenges and culture.


  • Establish a Real-Time Picture of the present Business
  • Rediscover the Vision
  • Reveal the Story for the Brand and all the Assets
  • Inventory the Resources (Internal and External)
  • Facilitate all Resources to craft your Brand
  • Leverage to identify your Target Market and Micro Niche (s)
  • Evaluate your Offers in the current market energy per Target Market and Micro Niche
  • Establish Brand Congruency
  • Produce a professional Pitch for the Brand and all the Assets
  • Review and Upgrade all Digital Brand Profiles
  • Build the Business Team
  • Produce a Strategic Plan
  • Produce an Operational Plan
  • Road Map Partnership Opportunities (Customer, Supplier, Asset, Network, Referral, Influencer, Promotional, Media, Charity, Community, Corporate Sponsor, Funding)
  • Review IT Options to set up effective and efficient Business Management Systems

Building Your Business House

Your Vision, Offer, Target Market (s), Resources and Brand Energy are leveraged to deliver a unique Structure for you including:

  • Strategic and Operation Plans for Business
  • Succession Plan
  • Business Management
  • Finance Plan
  • Brand Plan
  • Offer Management and Plan
  • Specific Project Management
  • Specific Project Campaigns (Advertising, Media, Marketing, Digital, Metrics)
  • Event Management (Launch, Community Connect, Annual Festival etc)