When You Mean Business

This exclusive program is offered to a limited number of Performing Artists who wish to step up their career and develop their business.


In our Program, we review your Brand in these Seven Units:


  1. What is your Vision?
  2. Where do you want to end up?


  1. Where are you right now?
  2. What is working?
  3. What is not working?
  4. What are your Resources?


  1. What is your market value?
  2. How do you measure the value of your gigs, your talent and your experience?


  1. Vocal Ability
  2. Entertainment Value
  3. Musicianship
  4. Appearance On and Off Stage (On Line)
  5. Reputation
  6. Experience
  7. Network
  8. Community
  9. Repertoire
  10. Target Market Value
  11. Reliability and Bookability – Last Minute Gigs, Professionalism, Deal with Challenges
  12. Sustainability


  1. Band Name
  2. Target Market
  3. Quality – Images – Colors – Fonts – Language – Logo
  4. Engagement – Tag Lines, Posts, Headlines
  5. Your Calling Card – EPK – Website – Social Media Campaigns
  6. On Stage Presentation


  1. Social Media
  2. Website
  3. Live Gigs
  4. CDs and Downloads – Products
  5. Community Partners
  6. Industry


  1. Operations – Practical Day to Day Music Business Systems
  2. Strategy – Planning and Career Moves

There are Seven Areas in any Music Business Plan to consider:

  1. Relationships – Audience, Band Members, Suppliers, Manager, Agent, Publicist, Label, Sponsors
  2. Community Initiatives, Networks
  3. Finances, Trading Strategy, Business Plan
  4. Songs, Lyrics, Live Performance, Repertoire, Talent
  5. CDs, Live Shows, Merchandise
  6. Your Story – Publicity Campaigns
  7. Musical Equipment, Car, Studio, Printer, Computer, Phone, Technology

Run by Nichola Burton, over an eight week program, you get the opportunity to access decades of music industry knowledge to launch your act into a wider Gig Market.

So if you are ready to step up to the next level and build your Music Business, email us for program schedule and details. email: nicki@pushworth.com