Freedom in Lockdown

My morning walk around this beautiful city of ours is the highlight of each one of my lockdown days.

The colours, the sounds, the textures and more importantly the neural entrainment to the natural frequencies around me.

Whether I am visiting Roma Street Parklands or beside the Brisbane River, around the gardens in South Bank, on the tracks on Mt Cootha, on the pathways in the Bottanical Gardens even on my explorations of Toowong Cemetary — there is beauty everywhere.

This daily walk near nature is my sacred duty to my own self care. As my feet pound the earth, I get to feel every single emotion in my body, mind and heart. I get to feel it all in the spectacular display of nature — the cornflower blue of our autumn skies, the crisp freshly minted morning air that tugs at my cheeks, the glow of the river in the early morning sun, the afternoon pink and golds of each visceral sunset and the stoic stars on Orion’s belt that watch over me.

We can be locked into our homes for months on end yet have the freedom to think, feel, redecorate, reoganise, redesign and renovate whatever we choose.

Our words can be deleted from Social Media platforms (which therefore only demonstrates and reinforces the credibility in the censored content) however there are now so many alternative platforms available we can can actually increase our reach outside of scared little draconian hasbeen platforms.

Our businesses can be declared non essential and halted within 24 hours yet we can continue to operate, innovate, reimagine and recreate however we so choose.

We can be pulled over by police for non essential driving yet nothing can legally stop us from delivering food and care to aged elders.

We can be limited to the food items that we buy in a supermarket yet nothing can stop us from growing our own food and experimenting to create a whole lot of new recipes using the food items that we CAN find. (There are always plenty of organic healthy grocery items available)

We can be refused the right to pay cash (still legal tender) at our local cafes yet a few blocks down the street there will always be another cafe happy to accept the cash and a new loyal customer.

We can be fined from sitting on a bench in the middle of a mountain track with not one other person around for miles yet if we keep walking on that mountain track, its better for our fitness and we get to breath in the nature around us. F**k the bench!

The nature outside of me cannot be controlled because it is a reflection of ME.

The nature inside of me cannot be controlled because it is a reflection of this grand organised design we call Earth.

Gandhi noted that “No government on earth can make men, who have realized freedom in their hearts, salute against their will.”

Our human rights can only be taken away from us if we allow it. NO ONE can take away the love, gratitude and compassion that we have in our hearts.

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