Pieter Brits Photographer

I just wanted to go on record as saying that without a doubt, Nicki Burton has helped me transform my life. Within the space of a week of doing some business coaching with Nicki, I am writing two photographic books and am in the process of creating a webpage. Nicki’s transformational style, combined with her absolute certainty of the end result have all combined to help me produce this amazing result. Whereas before my coaching sessions I felt as though success was not possible for me (because I wasn’t recognising and appreciating where I WAS successful), Nicki helped me to reorganise my values in such a way so as to recognise I really was successful all along. The end result? I have accomplished more in two weeks than I have in two years. As such, I highly recommend Nicki to anyone wanting to achieve their goals! 

Pieter Brits Creative Photoshop

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