Major Facebook Algorithm Update Will Dramatically Reduce Band Posts

As live artists, we have a variety of mediums available to us to tell our brand story while connecting with fans and potential customers. There are three best practice pathways to connect and engage with equally across LIVE, LOCAL and DIGITAL.

LIVE and LOCAL – artists who are gigging on a regular basis already well understand how to sell, market and leverage these.

DIGITAL – Relying on a free service is never a smart business move anyway so have your big picture strategy in place with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat – Paid Ads combined with an intelligent, innovative, relentless campaign plan across all mediums.

And remember……..No one HAS to connect with you. Just because you get up on stage and sing and play doesn’t mean that people give a shit about what you do.

So when Facebook announces that a pretty major Algorithm Update that will dramatically reduce Band Posts there was a huge outcry. Click Here to Read Zuck’s Post.

Give them a REASON to want to connect. Give them a REASON to want to engage. Give them a REASON to want to know about your story. YOU, your brand and your audience – you are in a long-term relationship. You don’t post once and expect that to be enough. Your brand marketing is a multi-dimensional relentless ongoing activity.

In 2019, technology has given you the tools to tell your own story and own your own narrative. You are the journalist. You are the newspaper. You are the radio jock. You are the television host. You are the news anchor. You are the media. Know your own story and tell it. Know your audience and give them what they want. Know your market and leverage the trends and cycles.

Never forget that for a live Artist, MARKETING IS THE FIFTH BEATLE!!!

E N J O Y ! ! !

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