It Begins With Love To

Everything begins and ends with Love.
We begin and end with Love.
Love – the coming together of two bodies making love – creating friction – resolving tension – calling in a spark of life – making babies.

Love – that invisible link we have to our children that makes us feel so accountable to keeping them alive. We love them and will fiercely protect and nurture them as part of that Bio Survival internal mechanism driving us. Love – when we feel like we don’t have it – we suppress how we feel – we hold our “negative” feelings inside in order to protect others – we show a brave face – we cope – we take it on board.

When we feel SO unloved and unwanted – like there is no space for us anywhere, this feeling flows down right through to the core of our cells. Eventually, our bodies will no longer be able to hold onto the suppressed feelings of being unloved and it goes into “injury mode” This is where cancer begins. It places us firmly into the “victim role” so that we finally express our feelings of being unloved and unwanted in the hope that “someone” will see this and Love us in the form of medicine, doctoring, sympathy, assistance – fear based – “you will lose something if you don’t recognise me” response.

The body is seeking Love in order to survive.
If the heart doesn’t take action, the head will.
If the head won’t take action, the body will.

We are always moving forward seeking Love and paradoxically loving ourselves at the same time while doing so.

Aging and Dis –Ease are not HAVE Tos for our bodies – they are choices – they are cries for help – cries for Love.

They actually began as LOVE Tos and contain ALL the ingredients for Love.

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