I Am We are

I hold the Earth and stand firm.
I nourish my Love will flourish and grow.
I set roots deep in the ground.
I grow tall.
The OAK tree within me gives shelter, shade and protection.
As this OAK I gently bend in the breeze.
I embrace Air and flow and float and refresh and rejuvenate.
My soul and my heart welcome the cleansing wind.
As Air, I whip through the desert and challenge the mountain and the sand.
I bring a scented change and renewal.
I blow all out to sea.
I become the waves and ebb and flow with the tide.
I surge and billow and blow bubbles of joy.
I wash away and wear down.
Cleansing, soothing, flowing and floating I join hands with the moon and be the tide – within and without.
I will not douse the flame – I will soothe and calm.
I become the flame – I am the fire.
I grow bright and magnificent.
I shine and sparkle.
The wind may dim my flame at times but will never extinguish me.
The Sun strengthens me.
The Moonlight recharges me.
The Earth provides fuel for me to burn and feed my fire.
Every moment, each day, I am all elements as the moon watches over and guides me.
There is Love all around me.
I AM the Love.
I let it go and watch it blow away knowing that the tide will return it to me once more.
I am.
I feed my children with Truth and Love.
Through the underwater caves of time, we meet again and again.
They are my parents, my lovers, my soul mates and my friends.
They are my teachers and I am their student.
My home is my crystal cave and my heart is open and filled with light.
The mythology, which breathed life into my body remains, preserved in everything that surrounds me.
Beauty is all around me and it is this gift I share with my family, for they are the sacred circles.
My twin flame is all around me.
In this space and in this time, there is the nothing and the everything.
It is time.
He is the anchor holding onto me while I float away with the tide.
I am the anchor for his wings rooting him to the Earth when he needs nurture and love.
Our two flames together create one bright and blinding light.
If he falls, I will bleed for him.
If I falter, he will breathe for me.
I am he and he is me.
Together we are Earth and Air and Water and Fire.
Together we are the Love.

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