The Money Funnel

This is an exercise that I do with my Business Coaching clients.
In your answers, write the first thing that pops into your mind. If you want to change the answer later, keep the original one handy. This exercise provides a rather fascinating insight into our whole philosophy about finance.

Why do you want money?
How much do you want?
What will you do with it?
How will you use it?
How will it add value to each area in your life?
What do you think money is?
Is tax fair?
What is the structure of money?
What is the inflow?
What is the outflow?
What is your earliest memory of money?
How do you feel when you have a big bill to pay?
How do you feel looking at your bank account ledger?
Where do you budget?
Where do you track your in and out flows?
Where do you plan flows?
Where do you follow a balance sheet profit and loss and save for tax?
Where do you observe trends and patterns?
Where do you daily update ur ledger?
Where are you accountable to you, your relationship, family, health, fitness and business?

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