Taking Sides

It’s like whenever I make a statement I am only ever really showing one side at a time. To answer completely is almost schizophrenic as there are so many voices with opinions on every single subject.

I change structure and it is like moving furniture around and it doesn’t stop the longing. My question is — what the hell is the longing and will it ever go away? Do you feel like that too? My heart is constantly wanting to be in three different places and a big part of me believes that if I lived in Italy and New York I would STILL long for something else.

Are we designed to long always ? Is it possible to ever feel complete and at ease and in the right place? OR is there something wrong with me? Am I the only person who feels so incomplete and so wistful about the things that she wants but never feels like she can go after them otherwise so many people will be hurt and maybe just maybe I shouldn’t trust myself?

So many programs tantalize us with slogans of following our hearts however do they actually work or are they designed for income as all business is and we put our trust and faith consistently in an external source in order to find our answers?

And as I write this all the voices with other opinions scream at me that what I just wrote isn’t the whole story.

Ok everyone — only one side of me can feel fucked up at a time — take your turn! 🙂

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