Shedding Old Skins

The best way to survive is to mirror nature and shed old skins, let leaves fall each autumn and appreciative the cycles of destruction and creation.

Austerity is the new wealth.
This is the new black.
Going through this in the first wave prepares you earlier. Early adapters prosper and suffer first so the rest can follow.
Work from home.
Encourage staff in their own entrepreneurial visions and support them as they work as part of your collective.
Employ technology to support growth.
Use the resources that you already have around you.

Tighten your belt. Lean and Mean. Lean and Keen. Use Solar Power, Water Tanks, Backyard Vegie Gardens and Community Bulk Buys– there is so much we can do to save what we used to spend so unconsciously.

Looking after your own health. Focus inwards seeking the master and guru within.

Get creative and find new ways outside of the present money system.

Live as part of a village. Get cracking with community buying and allocating together in fair exchange. Build relationships as wealth.

Sugar is the hit you will crave when you tighten your belts. Prepare for that.
Make your own food.
Play your own music.
Create your own events.

The real wealth is in Community where we share what we have outside of the limitations of government currency. This wealth is our leverage.

Looking back over the past 26 years of being in this business, it is clear that we have always worked and lived in Austerity. We have a value in every currency – creations, connections, resources, influence, stories, stock, flow and work.

To survive you need to learn to live on less. We will STILL spend money however it is in the choices of HOW we spend that determines what we truly value. Dis-ease happens when we subordinate our value for those of another. This happens so very easily. The one with the most certainty usually drives the car forward stuffed full of passengers eager to have the comfort of a driver willing to take them somewhere.

So do this exercise.
See where you honor your values and see where you do not.
See where you spend in every single currency.
See where you save. Saving is the new spending.
Where is saving the same as spending?
How does saving contribute to the economy?

One thing at a time.
Add one austerity measure at a time until it becomes habit and the new benchmark then add another.

Look at it as an addition not a loss.

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