Shadows on the Wall of a Cave

There is a group of us who have been getting together for two decades now to discuss what WERE deemed Conspiracy Theories. It was clear this past week however that everything we had researched and explored was no longer a theory but had been more than demonstrated after all this time to be unfortunately inescapably correct. However, our Western Media, (which most people still believe is unbiased news when it is actually a well-paid PR arm), have painted and skewed the information into 24 hour cycle well-lit glossy sound bites. Much like the Frankenfood that is packaged and sold to us as HEALTHY, what seems to be information about our world is no more than a great PR campaign. When we compared the data that our group have quietly collected these past two decades to the events as reported during this same time frame and look at the world as it is TODAY and compare it to when we started in the 90’s, the alarm is deafening.

As a result, some in our group have succumbed to a deep depression. The more we researched the more futile life seemed.

So this week we made a decision.

If we continue to focus on our research into Vaccinations, Big Pharma, Food Additives, uninvited Fluoride, Invading Refugees, Climate Change, TPP, the UN One World Government, Aliens, Monsanto, Wall Street, 9/11 etc etc. then we will miss out on the incredible beauty and wonder of this life that IS still abundant. Perhaps we have to look a little harder but it is STILL there. I know it is. I see it in a sunset, the roar of the ocean, the tree as it bends in the breeze, the certainty of a mountain and the chuckles that I get from my grandson. Those small things give me hope.

And then there is what is happening in our own backyard in terms of poverty, malnutrition, poor education and domestic violence to name but a few — yes in our own backyard. How can I even consider worrying about these large concerns in the world when Australia has so much to do to look after its own?

So where to begin.

Our little group agreed that we could not stop what was happening in the world. Our research has demonstrated that the fundamentals of life and how we humans organize it has not changed in thousands of years. Everything told/sold to us via history books, school and the paid media is skewed and packaged to market a particular perspective to ultimately achieve an end gain. However it was also recognized and acknowledged by our group that this strategy of being able to paint reality into rainbows of colors to suit ourselves is actually key in human nature not to mention in business. And if we are all very honest and strip back our stories, culture and personal bullshit, it is clear that we each well know how to employ this strategy.

(I’ve said a mouthful here and stated it in very general terms. I know. I will revisit this in greater detail down the track one day.)

My first question for myself was this: “Why does any of this bother me?” Well I want our children — yours and mine — to have the best lives possible and I want them to benefit from the wisdom we have collected as a result of our experiences. Of course, I myself never listened to my parents and vowed to find my own way so naturally my apples don’t fall far from the tree. smile emoticon

To be frank — I’m afraid for them. I’m deeply afraid for them. And I feel a responsibility to have an influence on their future if at all possible. After all, I was an instrument that brought them here right?

So every generation fears for the one to come. How am I any different?

I’m not.

I had chosen a different path for myself in this quest to improve conditions on this planet for the future generations to come. My platform for educational reform in every area of Australia from the desert to the ocean was number one. However my political career ended before it began four weeks ago. I remain horrified with this current trend of trolling other human beings. To me, everything in life is an iceberg. We only ever see 1% above the water. And in politics it’s the same way. We can surmise but we truly don’t know the back door deals that go on. We don’t see most of the work done on our behalf. All we see is the sell. All we see is the carefully constructed slideshow.

To successfully survive in politics you need to focus on the game instead of the people. 5 PMs in 5 years says a whole lot doesn’t it? Each one of those three ex PMs were intelligent, decent, hard working people who endlessly contributed to community and the good of our nation in their own way. Each one of them was destroyed by a media who had become paid publicists for international corporate agendas. Why would anyone want to play THAT game? How could you dedicate yourself to public service and work towards reforms for the benefit of our nation when you could only ever expect to be trolled by lemmings who would rather be sold a glossy lie than comprehend and appreciate an inconvenient truth? And NO I don’t believe that politics needs to be delivered in a glossy package. I believe in humanity and the down to earth appreciation of those of us who contribute to our community, society, country and planet on a daily basis.

I believe that by virtue of the international corporate structure, we are Countries without Borders. We are told what to export, who to exchange with and how to govern. We are sold the illusion that we have rights. Let’s face it — we have none. We are no longer citizens but consumers. At every point we are set up to consume. At every point we are trained to trust. We trust that when we switch on a light bulb there is power, when we turn on a tap there is water, when we buy food it is safe to eat and when we brake in our car it will stop. We trust biopsies and surgeries and pharmaceuticals. We trust vitamins, supplements, chiropractors and personal trainers. We trust other people to heal us, feed us, clothe us, raise and teach our children, protect our family and look after our parents. We trust that needles are filled with good things that once injected into our children and ourselves will protect us from disease. We trust that no one else can access our on line files, passwords or track us via the camera or satellite on our phones, tablets and computers.

Everything is a smaller part of something bigger after all. We don’t know what’s coming around the corner. We won’t know until we get there. Living is easier with eyes closed and much better than living in fear of all that we think that we know. Yes I am beyond mortified about this trend of trolling and all that seems to be wrong with this world. However, perhaps the data that I receive as a result of my observation and not participation, can be leveraged into a greater understanding of who I am while surrounded by this quagmire, instead of feeling so disillusioned about humanity. After all everything is a reflection of everything else right?

Everywhere you look, there is a not for profit entity building awareness, creating community programs, connecting people and rewriting the laws of exchange. Ordinary everyday people working together to build what they believe is a better life for someone. Let’s celebrate the ingenious ways that humanity always seems to find in any challenge that presents itself. Let’s celebrate how no matter what is going on in the world, there is always someone trying to better the world for someone else in their own small way.

I am daring to believe that as much it yes this is a bullshit life it is also a strikingly beautiful one. Plato’s shadows on the walls of the caves are OUR own creation.

We get to choose what they look like.

The reality we each see is up to us.

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