Playing the Game

Truly great leaders will always be both popular and unpopular at various times in their service.
The response of the people is a reflection of the values that fuel the people not the leader.
Similarly the response of the media is a reflection of the values that drive the media not the leader.

In these times it is clear that the media are fueling a never ending chasm of polarity in the masses. Their polarized perspective is reflected in the results of one term governments because we live in an age of immediate gratification.

The electorate is divided into two classes — those who ask themselves “What do I need? What action can I take to fill this need myself? and those who ask “Look what you didn’t give me” and “When where what and how much are you giving me”

It’s a difference between one class who expresses gratitude and value for what they have so they can build on that and the other class who complains about their unfulfilled expectation and criticism about what they don’t have.

Those who save (long term) and those who spend (short term). Creators and Consumers.

The reality is that for a country and its businesses to survive we need consumers. Each polarity is linked and connected in a survival dynamic.

We live in an age where everyone is an expert thanks to Google. The perception is that long term investment in education and building of networks no longer has a value thanks to the World Wide Web.

Anyone can set up their own blog site and promulgate any targeted campaign of words they choose. Few fact check and looking deeper and asking questions is deemed unnecessary in this age of instant access.

In the movie Queen Victoria, Prince Albert advises “ learn to play the game better than anyone else”.

Wise Words.

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