Killer New Product

Have you ever felt guilty, ashamed and wanted to run away and avoid pain of some kind?
Have you ever felt like you were ill at ease? You were dis connected from your body somehow?
Have you ever felt like you stood out and did not fit in?
Have you ever felt like there was something so terribly wrong with you that you were anĀ aberration?

How would you feel if you knew that everyone else felt the same way?
How would you feel knowing that you can only ever feel this way if you have a corresponding fantasy and belief that somehow you are in control of your life 100%?

Come on. We ALL have a fundamental belief that we can do better and that we shouldn’t have gotten ourselves into this place in the first belief.
All of us.

Consider this?

What we feel guilt and shame and fear and regret and anger about is ACTUALLY a killer new product and publicity campaign.

Think about it……..

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