Feeding a Global Economy

If we are fit, thin, eating well, exercising, happy, productive, low blood pressure, normal blood sugar, meet all benchmarks of health, follow all guidelines for bringing up children, behavior, have balanced relationships, wide social networks, wealthy bank accounts and profitable businesses and attend a designated spiritual brand regularly and follow all rules — then how do you make any money off us? How do you sell us your product?
How do you market your service?

You need us fearful, fat, depressed, fucked up, alone, questioning, stupid, naughty, and feeling bad. This is the perfect profile of a consumer. So whenever you feel so fucked up that you feel like you are a big fat failure — just remember that in that state you are feeding a global economy.

What if all states of being were simply part of the normal pattern of being human?

What if benchmarks were only set to establish commercial opportunity?

What if there was actually never anything wrong with us?

What if feeling dis ease was just as normal as feeling ease with both healthy parts of the rainbow of human experiences?

There are days when we are the meal!

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