Bully for Me

It is easy to judge a bully. But what if we ask these questions of ourselves:

Where do we bully?

Why do we bully?

How does it feel to bully?

How does it feel to be bullied?

Well most of us remember that one from school however more and more people are feeling it in the workplace as adults.

Someone once told me that there were many benefits for people who had been bullied. Now before you get your knickers tied in a twist pull yourself out of the emotion and observe.

Leaders grow as a result.
Followers grow.

Fear is the greatest motivator as it kicks us into the survival adrenaline.Where is it beneficial to live in survival mode?If children feel weak this assists them to find their source of strength.Bullies need conspirators who align for safety.

You know where you see this most? BUSINESS……

Hang out in a customer service environment and witness a parade of bullies. Those who are ready for a fight regardless of the situation can bully the person at the end of the telephone who hasn’t caused the problem but who has to stand in a torrent of abuse from a customer who has decided that no matter what they are being ripped off.

Talk to someone who works in a Service Department for a White Goods store.

Bullying is a complex intricate system incredible in it’s ability to achieve it’s goals and visions. Clear in its mission, the campaign of a bully is driven by a story so powerful they have attributed their power source to an external source. The bullying victim holds that power.

People pay a fortune to Personal and Business Development Seminars around the globe to learn a strategy in how to get what they want.

Bullies at school are already conscious of this strategy and using it to get what they want from a variety of sources.

If only we could use their power for good instead of evil. 🙂

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