Balancing the Books

I used to spend too much on my kids so I upgraded my goals to sit back and watch them earn it themselves with my investment being my example of better money management as my legacy instead.

Looking after our own finances into our old age is the wise choice so the kids don’t have to worry about us.

Making good choices for our health and well being and managing our money to be able to live in our own home until our deaths when we are 100.

Keeping the family together as we do is costly but also returns dividends.

We have trained the kids in family and event management. They need to experience challenges to hone their craft and skill as parents and partners.

It’s important to not be afraid of money but to simply appreciate it for it goes where it is appreciated.

Set a goal for yourself. It could be to grow more of your own food, cook more healthy meals, dry herbs, keep preserves, be connected to the seasons and cycles through garden and kitchen and laundry. Have a goal to increase your savings. Test yourself. It’s like being in the gym. Goad yourself into going just that bit further each month.

Work with what you have right now. Appreciate it. Value it.

Balance the books, save, invest, speculate, appreciate.

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