My System

I have been a CEO for The Pushworth Group for close to 27 years. I am a long time community leader well versed in managing and juggling projects with people with CSR programs being high on my priority list. (see my resume) Some Highlights include:

  • 1990 – 2016 Building Artist Brand Value via 1500 + Tours Gross $41 MIL
  • 1990 – 2016 Attracting Ticket Sales for 100,000 Events Delivered Gross $42 MIL
  • 1990 – 2016 Expanding Audiences to 30 Million +
  • 2009 – 2014 Managed 20000 Festival workers (Established Codes, Protocols, Training Programs and Systems)

My work is based on a holistic approach.  I look at every organization like it is a human body. All the systems feed into each other. The brand is the energy of the organization. It is the life force in the human body. The administration systems, the staff, community, team, operations, strategies, environments, systems, values, the on line story and engagement, the customer service on line, at events, in office and over the phone, the market perception, the sponsors and partners, the resources, products, licenses, IP, partnerships – every single aspect of your organization contributes to the energy of your brand. Working in the Music Industry, if the brand is not congruent and aligned with the right target market, ticket and product sales will not happen and the entire enterprise fails to connect. I have 27 years of creating products, building brands, connecting with target markets, meeting the market trends and eliciting a financial return.

We live in a 24 hour news cycle. Consumers seek experiences and creative opportunities as they are overwhelmed with options thanks to technology. For the businesses that we work with to survive, we have had to facilitate them to think outside the square and innovate on a more frequent basis. The focus begins and ends with the brand. Branding is not limited to logos and style guides, websites and copy. The brand is the experience, the culture, the strategy and the entire execution and operation.

My first Step is to review and assess all operational and financial systems. How we operate and how we exchange form part of the Brand perception in the market. Strong systems, good stewardship and resource management are key. I have managed our Operations and Finances for the past 27 years in an industry where 90% of our competitors went broke in the first decade. We are one of the last men standing as a result of deep foundational structure that isn’t separate to our brand however it forms part of our culture.

During this time, I produced and managed one of Australia’s largest community music festivals for 6 years (2009 – 2014). During this time we implemented my systems and achieved a 400% growth in ticket sales to 20,000 for the 2014 event. When we came on board the marketing reach was boutique and localized and over six years we increased it to over 11 million. These metrics can only be achieved by building a very solid house. Two years after I no longer managed their event, they are now in receivership.

The deeper the foundation the more levels we can build on top. The foundation of the house is the Operations centre. From lowest in the ground to the ground floor level building ground UP: (This is your Operational Plan)

  1. Stakeholders
  2. Resource
  3. Relationships
  4. Feedback
  5. Environment
  6. Action

From the highest levels down to the ground floor DOWN: (This is your Strategic Plan)

  1. Mission and Values (The Brand Story)
  2. Vision
  3. Goals
  4. Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  5. Projects
  6. Immediate Needs

Like Aristotle, I carve up the various aspects of life into seven fields of human experience:


Business Area Tool Where and How we Use It
Influence Communication Community, Networks, People
Creation Communication Art, Music, Expression, Concepts, Creations
Connection Relationship Yourself, Partner, Family, Team
Service Relationship Systems, Operations, Strategies
Currency Resource Finance, Accountability, Appreciation, Value, Wealth
Resources Resource Physical Body, Health, Safety, Environment
The Story Energy The Drive, Vision, Mission, Your Perception and Beliefs


Programs exclusively for the Music Industry:

When You Mean Business

The Manick Project (with Emmanuel Kyriakidis of The Pushworth Group)


My Book about The Metriculus ™ is scheduled for release in November 2018.