My Vision

For me, the study of all Logos is the key to the evolution of my business and my life. The Zodiac defines the apparent movement of the sun throughout the year into twelve signs each of 30-degree arcs. The rays from these planets pour down onto the earth. The cross of matter (as identified by Empedocles as the four Roots of all things; earth, fire, water and air) is centered upon the earth. As Astrology seeks to mediate and translate the planetary positions and movements in all aspects, houses and transitions, so my vision includes the amalgamation of all elements into the systems of our lives for every requirement.

According to a diverse range of ancient beliefs, there is a vibration in the use of numbers. It is no accident that business exists in the accountability of all financial and operational numbers.

According to the theory of correspondences, each person is a microcosm in which all the divine powers of the cosmos are present in the various organs and parts of the body. If these powers are in harmony with each other, the person will be healthy and live in harmony with the macrocosm in which the same divine order prevails.

My vision is for each person to really get to know the currency and metrics that form the foundation of THEIR own unique system. To see their own so called flawed human behavior patterns as assets as well as liabilities. To love and appreciate the functionality and application of these unique patterns in all areas of their lives.