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With a childhood steeped in a variety of musical activity, from conducting choirs, managing performances, arranging and teaching musical arrangements, to writing songs, I was offered a place at the Conservatorium of Music at the tender age of 16 and spent my first year in its recording studio while juggling classes and singing gigs. My greatest dilemma has always been boredom. I have danced my way through a variety of roles: Song Writer, Performer, Artist Manager, Show Producer, Entertainment Agent, Business Manager, Systems Software Designer, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, to Event Manager, Publicist and Brand Consultant. It gave me a great overview for the Music Industry – actually for any business!

I work in the Music Industry however Music is not my passion.  REORGANIZATION is.

I simply cannot stand mess and disorder. It unnecessarily costs time, money and energy and stops people from doing what they truly love to do. Our family joke is “Oh God she has committed another neatness again!” And that is pretty much why I designed AQUARIUS™ – an integrated CRM booking system that manages the sales and operations for entertainment industry businesses (managing Pushworth since 1999). I cannot bear the thought of wasting time on unnecessary paperwork! In my quest to value and reorganize the patterns, process and existing structures,  I have created a product that has saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars. The STRUCTURE allows the freedom of EXPRESSION and CREATION.

I have lurched from facilitating at Dr John F Demartini events in Australia, Britain and Ireland to managing his Australian community for several years. My qualifications in Training, Business Management Systems, Human Behavior and Performance put me in good stead to navigate through the politics that come with working in a large community. For a few years, I was the Business/Personal Development Columnist for the Inner Self Magazine and was honored to be nominated as an “Influential Woman of the 21st Century” as well as the Telstra Business awards. Probably the two projects I have enjoyed the most to date are The Sound Garden and Work Window – programs for Interns, Traineeships and Volunteers for the Entertainment and Event industries which I have done in partnership with Universities, Training Organizations and Schools throughout Queensland since 2003.

I have seen trends and cycles come and go but one thing remains constant and that is the same collection of human behavior patterns when working with the five Cs – Creativity, Community, Commercial, Collaboration and when all four are happening – CRAZY!! In particular, it was my time as Producer for one of Australia’s most iconic community Festivals – Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009-2014 where I fine-tuned my program called The Metriculus™ which is designed to work with people’s OWN unique patterns, structures and energy in the REORGANIZE process.

After decades in the Music Business, I lost my purpose and as a result, lost my energy. My body started to send me information via a series of symptoms.  For years, I worked with Naturopaths, Network Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Chinese Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Energy Healers – you name it – I tried it. But it wasn’t until March 2015, when I had three benign tumors removed along with half my thyroid, that I woke up. Those three wise men became my greatest gift and reminded me of what my own metrics actually were.

For me, someone had to take a knife and literally cut my throat from side to side to wake me up.

What will it take for you?

We all live, work and play in our own economy, culture, philosophy, currency, stage show, factory, identity, community and family. And for each one of these areas of your life, you have innately crafted a comprehensive structure and system. The Metriculus™ is one way to reorganize and reevaluate. I have been providing Personal and Professional Development services for people across the globe in a variety of Industries – Music, Education, Health and Family Businesses since 2000. Driven to meet market needs, they have created their OWN model and that is what we work with together!

I do not believe there is anything to change but so very much to appreciate and value. And it is on this basis that I facilitate a REORGANIZATION with YOU.


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Married to Emmanuel Kyriakidis with four children, Alex, Tim, Sam and Nik plus one delightful grandchild, Archie, I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.