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I met Nicki at an Arts and Business Council of New York workshop. Her contribution to the workshop gave me more insights than the scheduled speaker for the day. Since then we have worked together via Skype on marketing campaigns and brand plans and my previous notion that my theatre was struggling and filled with poor starving actors has been replaced with a solid workable structure and real time box office results. I cannot wait until she returns to New York again! Thank you Nicki. Richard M – Creative Director Partner – Off Broadway.

As the Event Manager for the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 2014, Nicki’s systematic application of compliance, accountability and knowledge of every aspect of Festival Management contributed to the annual success of our Event. Sarosh Mehta, President, Caxton Street Development Association

I have had the privilege of using Nicki Burton’s services for the past 5 years. She has the unique ability to take complex concepts and simplify them. Nicki takes what appears to be a lot of variables in structuring and running a business and helps organize it in a way that is easy to look at, process and take action on. She not only acknowledged my perspective but pointed out its limitations in an honoring fashion. She also asks questions in a manner that allows me to discover new ways of approaching my business and that continuously empowers me to take it to the next level. Plus, she makes it fun. Dr Vinnie Monaco Chiropractor Global Coach and Comedian

Nicki has provided training for our young people through work experience in Pushworth. She has also mentored a number of young women in various projects and has informed her understanding of working with young people who face significant social challenges. She has been instrumental at offering access for our young people to gain experience working at a number of events while managing the local community garden project in partnership with our school. It is through these initiatives that I can confidently attest to Nicki’s commitment and skill in community building, networking and event management. Such skills are evident in her professional life but what I found particularly pleasing and refreshing is her willingness to engage with Albert Park FLC and to offer myself and the young people the benefit of her time and experience. This demonstrates her commitment to local community and the truth of her stated desire to give back to the community. We are pleased and blessed to work with her. Simon Clowes. Principal. Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre

I just wanted to go on record as saying that without a doubt, Nicki Burton has helped me transform my life. Within the space of a week of doing some business coaching with Nicki, I am writing two photographic books and am in the process of creating a webpage. Nicki’s transformational style, combined with her absolute certainty of the
end result have all combined to help me produce this amazing result. Whereas before my coaching sessions I felt as though success was not possible for me (because I wasn’t recognising and appreciating where I WAS
successful), Nicki helped me to reorganise my values in such a way so as to recognise I really was successful all along. The end result? I have accomplished more in two weeks than I have in two years. As such, I highly recommend Nicki to anyone wanting to achieve their goals! Pieter Brits Creative Photoshop

Nicki is an outstanding facilitator.  She possesses incredible insight and intuition to hone in on what’s really going on for you. With a deep understanding of the work and of many other modalities she accesses your unique language and mythology that often is the link  between your current perceptions and breaking you through them. She doesn’t let you get away with anything and totally puts you back in the creator’s seat  for you to stand up and own your own power. I can’t recommend her enough. Andrew Whannel  My Water Filter

Nicki Burton assisted our company in setting up infrastructure. Her work has been invaluable because of her focus on “cost per seat”, productivity, accountability, work flow, legal obligations as well as a Code of Conduct and policies that are environmentally and socially conscious. With a decisive and progressive stewardship, Nicki approaches things in a comprehensive and well thought out manner. She is thorough, practical and truly is an excellent business person. Tal Chalak – Director Music People

I have run Pushworth in partnership with Nicki since 1990. She has been our “engine room” -responsible for the design of our ground breaking operating software – Aquarius – a first for our industry – plus the entire infrastructure catalogue – business model, training programs, work processes, and protocols. Her business training and consultation programs have been chiseled out of the Pushworth rock of experience for the past 26 years – a rock carved by Nicki’s determination to create a successful business model and system in an unregulated dog eat dog industry.”. Emmanuel Kyriakidis – General Manager/Director- The Pushworth Group

Dynamic, energetic and a super high achiever would only begin to describe Nicki. She has a gift for seeing the true essence of who you are and then weaving her magic as she helps you to reveal it for yourself. Her wealth of knowledge and wisdom always astounds me – on so many subjects and teachings from the Mythical to the Modern. Nicki is a powerful facilitator of transformational methodologies. She has created in depth programs that have given me an even greater depth of insight into myself and the paradigms that are life. Thanks Nicki for your care, love, friendship and challenge. I love you and your work. Martin Urban – CEO – Urban Trainings

I have worked with Nicki Burton as we negotiated an alliance partnership to support the growth of Moshtix in Qld and other market segments. My experience working with Nicki has been that she is one of the most diligent and organized people I have encountered. As we were working on a new style relationship for both companies, Nicki was able to provide a high level of understanding and expertise to develop an agreement that provides value to both parties. Through the difficult stages of negotiating and understanding each others positions she has always maintained a professional and fun approach. Adam McArthur – CEO Moshtix

I spent more than 12 months working with Nichola Burton, particularly in the area of branding for my company and products. She has proven to have immense knowledge and practical know how in this area, the ability to hone in on what’s relevant and what’s not when creating or recreating a brand, has helped me to identify my company’s Point of Difference (POD), Unique Selling Point (USP), and Target Market, which are all crucial factors for any brand, and has provided the third party distance required to see certain branding issues more clearly – issues that companies are sometime too close to see themselves. It’s been an intense, but invaluable process and I would highly recommend Nichola Burton to anyone looking to create a new brand, change their current brand or revamp their existing brand. Martin Lass, Founder, S.O.L.A.R.® Institute, New York

Nichola Burton is an author, teacher and world class leader and philosopher of life and business transformation. Utilizing her background as a performer, CEO and researcher, Nicki awakens you to the business of your own life. I experienced massive shifts working with Nichola after only two sessions. Her service is priceless with ground breaking strategies designed to achieve your dreams. Nichola is a world class teacher of teachers. Kate Histon – CEO Byron Dance Dynamics

Nicki gets in there and sorts out all the scary things you never wanted to look at. Issues that I thought I would be swimming around with for years to come are dissolving away before my eyes. She used The Metriculus Method ™ with me and I truly achieved great results. If you want to move if you want to create and want to have fun then talk to Nicki. Why stay stuck?”. Guy Bennett – Owner – Kinesiology College – Australia

I worked with Nichola on an intensive project in London in January 2008 and later that same month in Dublin on an equally intense and demanding project. The demands on us were extraordinarily high and the stress level was up. Nichola was an inspiration and a source of power and energy throughout. It was a joy to work with her at each step of the way. Her generosity of spirit and her heartfelt commitment to each person involved made a particular impression on me. Nichola’s intelligence and wisdom makes a remarkable difference to everyone she touches. I’d work with her any place, anytime. She is an extraordinary person. Brenda Scarborough – Brenda Scarborough Consulting Sam Francisco US.

What I love about Nicki Burton is her desire and willingness to get to the truth of a situation and from that point create results and outcomes that serve the highest good of everyone involved. Coupled with her compassion and empathy this makes her a fantastic trainer, mentor and valuable teammate. Nicki is a natural leader, who manages and works well in a team. She is a tireless worker who has an ability to work outside the box to create unprecedented results. Nicki has a masterful grasp of processes that both undo and collapse the current situation or the past and also set up creations to manifest in the future. Above all things the main value I see Nicki possess is her humility. She still considers herself a student of life and this orientation enables her to also be the master.  Adam Sowden – Trainer – The Magicians Way – Australia

I recently did a “Meaning Business” session with Nicki and it was a real catalyst for me. As an artist, self promotion sadly came way down on my list. After an enjoyable few hours I came away from the session inspired, motivated and armed with a multitude of do-able tasks and ideas that will change my business. Nicki helped me to see why my business is special and how much I am worth. She even helped me write a media release. So, it’s up to me now, but the time I spent with Nicki was priceless. If you’re needing help to grow your business, and yourself, you shouldn’t look any further. Book a session with Nicki!” Donna Hawkins the Artist

I worked with Nicki Burton on my brand and she inspired me with practical systems, effective strategies and a focused process to open my full potential. We need these disciplines to help us achieve our true purpose, fulfilling the dreams, ideas and opportunities, setting goals to aim for in this material, emotional and challenging environment. Nicki has such a wealth of experience in these constantly changing and diverse markets, she shows her flexibility in extreme situations, always grounding ideas or showing unseen market opportunities. She is an experienced manager, who continually pushes your self worth, values, and confidence for your success. Michael Lamb – Owner – Michael Alchemy